Copper Bracelets

Copper Flame Painting

The colors on this wearable copper art are the result of heat treatment called flame painting. The colors are obtained by using a torch system to heat, design and color the copper using the reductive portion of the flame (i.e. the blue flame). All copper designs are a result of this process with the exception of the blue green patina pieces which are treated with an acid to obtain the patina. All copper is sealed with Diamond clear sealant for metal.

Copper is reactive to both heat and chemicals and will naturally weather over time. When flame painted copper is sealed the colors change, darken and loose some vibrancy due to the change in light diffraction. Sealed copper will retain the flame painted design a lot longer than unsealed, but sealed copper will also eventually weather. The timeframe for natural weathering increases with atmospheric moisture and acidity. To retain the color of the artwork for a longer period the artwork should be kept in a dry location. To enhance the color of the flame painted copper display the artwork where there is good light or natural sunlight.

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